The Gaming Quiz – Is it healthy or obsessive gaming in your home?

In Australia, 98% of homes that have children living in them also have video games. We know that games are fun, but if it becomes the primary activity our children do in their free time, we can see the games start to displace other important things and that causes all sorts of stress. That being said it’s important to know that the games themselves only play a small part in what should be a fun hobby becoming something closer to an obsession.

It’s not only kids. Did you know that nearly 80% of the gamers in Australia are adults? Why wouldn’t they be? Games have been in homes for over 25 years! Of those adults, some are playing games as a way to relax after a hard day’s work. Still, some are taking it a bit too far and it’s impacting wellbeing in a variety of ways, including sleep.

There is a difference between healthy and unhealthy gaming when you know the whole story. Want to know which it is for you? Take the the quiz and find out.