It takes one to know one. 

Mentoring takes place online and we work with clients from Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. 

This is the primary way that we can help families make significant postitive changes to build healthier relationships with gaming. We apply some aspects of Motivational Interviewing techniques blended with GameAware methodology.

1on1 Mentoring is the ideal way to focus on one gamer with undivided attention.

1on2 Mentoring is perfect for families where there are siblings who are gamers, or if they would be more comfortable coming to sessions with a friend. This way, parents can tag team with other parents that their child plays with, and we can find an economical way to reach the goal.

Parents do play a role in this process as well as we get everyone on the same page, and  will recieve the parent course as part of our process.


  • Approx 60min sessions in Discord and sometimes in game.
  • Reframing gaming to be more hobby less habit
  • We liaise with other health professionals if requested to take on a team approach.
  • Discussing life perspective, mental health and resilience
  • Goal setting and intelligent gaming strategies to empower the family
5 Reasons Why Gamers Trust Us

1 on 1 Pricing

$150 for individual sessions
$575 for a package of 5 sessions
$995 for a package of 10 sessions

1 on 2 Pricing

$225 for individual sessions
$850 for a package of 5 sessions
$1450 for a package of 10 sessions
GST included.
Prices adjusted to remove GST for NDIS clients.

Included Parent Course

All services include FREE access to the parent online course (valued at $75). This online course has the education, strategies and tools you need to achieve a healthy relationship with gaming in your family.

Show Me The Parent Course