Andrew Kinch - GameAware Founder

"As a competitive and casual gamer of 30 years, a teacher of health and wellbeing for 15 and a parent of 2, my skillset is primed to tackle this issue."

I love video games. I love the immersion, the skill, the competition and the community. That being said, in the past I’ve had the experience of stepping over the line where video games took up way too much of my time and affected me in ways I didn’t expect. That’s why I’m going to know exactly what our gamer is feeling, and how to get buy-in for a healthier and more sustainable way to enjoy their passion.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between gamers, parents and professionals through education and intelligent gaming strategies.

  • minimize compulsion and escapism by building resilience

  • reduce the conflict around gaming at home

  • develop self knowledge and a greater sense of fulfilment

  • learn how to play intelligently and sustainably.


How we do it

We focus on the initial 1on1 mentoring session to relate to the gamer and get the ball rolling.The family can then take the path of the mentoring package or a join a group program

Parents are encouraged to start on the parents page to choose from one of three different age groups: 7-11, 12-17 and 18+

We also have a specialized group for gamers with an ASD diagnosis. 

Why it works

GameAware is a team of young professionals in education, mental health and youth work. We are gamers helping gamers find the sweet spot between being engaged and productive in life as well as in game. 

We guide gamers on how to get the most out of their gaming, whether that be competing in Esports or just enjoying the story. We work with the whole family to build resilience and to help gamers engage with the real world, not just the virtual world.