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Helping players lift their game from the grassroots to the professional level.


OCE Pro Player Development

#LiftOCE - Closing the Region Gap

FREE Introductory Workshop and Consultation

  • Improving on-stage performance
  • Improving focus and consistency
  • Improving team culture
  • Off-Screen and On-Screen training 


"Kinchy is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about performance psychology and coaching. His approach is well researched and based on evidence, experience and philosophy. Our monthly sessions over the last year have had a profound impact on my ability to find consistency and focus in my game. I can easily recommend the GameAware Esports Academy to any competitive players who are looking to find the peak of their performance."

Sageon - Team Bliss - Rainbow 6 Siege

"Kinchy provided me with invaluable insights when it came to the mental side of the game. Drawing upon examples from fiction as well as historical figures, he was able to paint a clear picture of the demeanor that one should strive for as a competitor. By putting an emphasis on emotional control and preparation, Kinchy really helped me understand that in-game performance naturally flows on from habits that are cultivated outside of the game, and that off-screen training can be just as important as on-screen training."

Leemas - Team Bliss - League of Legends

Grassroots Player Development

Scholastic Esports Performance

Workshops and Online Learning Platform

  • Structure for training sessions
  • Introduction to performance coaching
  • Delivered by Team Bliss / GameAware coaches
  • Excursions to Team Bliss HQ or school incursions

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