Esports Performance Academy

Lift your game without dropping the ball. 
The Min/Max approach to high performance



One day camps and Holiday Camps

Camps containing the mix of theory and practice to learn how to build your mental game and perform when it counts

Melbourne   -   Brisbane   -   Adelaide


8 weekly sessions

The Academy 8 week course takes place at state of the art facilities in partnership with esports organisations such as our friends at Team Bliss in Brisbane.

Courses and Camps teach gamers the habits and techniques needed to play at peak performance as often as possible.


Teams and 1on1 coaching

GameAware works with esports organizations and aspring players to maximize their performance, avoid burnout and achieve their goals.

On the quest to find more flow.

Team Bliss Esports Academy

Bliss HQ is the GameAware home base in Brisbane.
Team Bliss currently have high performing professional teams in PUBG, Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege. Their venue is the perfect place for Tournaments and community events .