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We can help you re-claim a peaceful home and help to build self regulation(with training wheels). Getting buy-in from gamers is our biggest strength.

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  • Parent Testimonial 

     ""We used the online resource 5 months ago when our 8-year old son was struggling to find enjoyment in other activities aside from Roblox. The program helped us better understand what was happening, and identify new activities to engage him. We worked with him to taper his game hours, to the point where he was able to stop playing completely, even though the goal was just to play in a healthy way.

    Our son is now a much happier child and we're doing so much better as a family. I highly recommend the GameAware resource for any families who are looking to help their gaming-obsessed kids."

  • Parent Testimonial 

     "The program has been very helpful in making me aware of my own behaviours as a parent and the fact I don't push my son to be responsible for his actions. Ultimately change comes from within and he needs to be the one to regulate his behaviour.

    As a teacher myself, I have found that I even change the way I speak to students in class when they don't do the right thing. I'm feeling better prepared to help my sons move forward."

  • Parent Testimonial 

    "I turned to Andrew’s support and knowledge as I was very concerned about my 17 year old’s obsession with Fortnite. Gaming was taking over his life, leaving little enthusiasm for anything else. After a one on one session and weekend program with Andrew, my son has a completely new perspective on gaming and plays significantly less as he now focuses on balancing Fortnite with other hobbies and important aspects of his life.

    I see a big change and he now recognises how unhealthy his previous gaming habits were I highly recommend the expertise of Andrew as he has extensive knowledge of the psychology of gaming, teaches kids a myriad of coping strategies, introduces the concept of healthy gaming and focuses on goal setting".

  • Parent Testimonial 

    "An amazing program that produces results. The program hits a nerve with my boy who took on board all the teachings and acted on them. I had been trying for years to get him up and active and off the computer but it took this program to actually do it. I still don't know how. The facilitator is a kid whisperer."

  • Parent Testimonial 

    "The GameAware program educates both gamers and parents on the benefits (mastering an activity/ community engagement) and pitfalls of gaming (work-like addiction / disengagement with "real-life'). Our family has benefited from the GameAware program as we were able to develop a strategy to curb our son's excessive gaming, that is flexible, manageable and ongoing. With a welcoming approach, Andrew has developed a program that young adults understand, respect and find success with. If your children have a gaming addiction OR if you think they may develop a gaming addiction, look no further - your answer is here. Thank you very much Andrew. "

  • Parent Testimonial 

    "This program was so much more than I thought it would be. It had the perfect balance of information, education (parents & kids), activities, fun and games. My sceptical teen was sold after attending the 1st day. Andrew built rapport with him immediately and could relate to all the kids on their level.
    As for the results, well, the program definitely provided us and our son with the tools we need to make a difference - the rest is up to us and how committed and consistent we are."