So your parents want you to work with us.

You're sus. We get it. 


5 reasons why gamers trust GameAware

1)We all play games. Some of us are casual, some of us competitive. Come meet the team.
2)Your parents are probably noobs, and they need to understand why you play if there is going to be peace on the home front. Let us help you get that.
3)It's all about the "MIN/MAX" mentality.  That means minimizing the negative impacts that gaming too much can bring, while maximizing the benefits of play, which are numerous.
4)Our philosophy translates to esports too. We have performance coaches for professional teams to help them get the best performance out of their players and avoiding burnout.
5)Finally, we've got your back. Sometimes we game so we don't have to deal with the damage we take IRL. The team has the skills to help you to move forward, feel good and min/max your real life as well.

It takes one to know one.
Come meet the team.