Gaming Intelligently

Gaming intelligently is about taking the mix/max approach to your play, or your training. We want to find the sweet spot where we don’t numb the pleasure that gaming brings us, but we also want to play enough to grow as gamers and perform well.

Just like any kind of game/sport/skill, it all comes down to what you do with your session time and how you bring purpose to your play.

The Intelligent Gaming Guide

This guide appeals to the majority of gamers who want to grow their skills without the downsides of the grind. It’s basically for competitive casuals.  Aspiring professionals need further guidance.

Part 1 is all about justifying why you’d want to game intelligently.  We tend to think more=better, but while you might build skill over time, you learn bad habits when your brain is fatigued. It affects both performance and learning. Having skill isn’t enough if you can’t bring it when it counts. Your performance and enjoyment suffers when you overindulge.

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Part 2 teaches you how to game intelligently. Here we focus on helping you create the conditions to get into the zone and enjoy “God Tier” performance for a while. We teach you how to get the most fun out of your experience and see your skills grow faster. You’ll learn how to hit the gaming sweet spot so that you get the best gaming experience you can.

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The High School Esports Performance Guide is coming soon.

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