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Helping mental health professionals and teachers to better connect with gamers


Professional Partnerships Slide Deck

Our slide deck has everything you need to discuss GameAware partnerships with your staff


    Professional Partnerships

    Helping professionals feel confident working with gamers who need their help

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      • Staff: Professional Development Workshop 1-2 hours
      • Staff: Professional Development Online Video Course with insights and tools
      • Parents: Online Video Course -FREE and very accessible for all the families you work with.
      • Case studies
      • Complex case tool and discussions 
      • Revelant Research that informs our approach
      • Referrals: 10% off for mentoring or neurodivergent gaming clubs so we can provide team approach to building healthier relationships with gaming.
      • Exploring gamer intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in depth through the CARED motivational model
      • Exploring the "Addiction Equation" Seeing how all the pieces of the puzzle come together driving excessive play
      • How to support gamers who are struggling with self regulation
      Optionl add-on:
      • Clients: Video resources direct to the gamer for those interested in running gaming groups and becoming a delivery partner.

      Staff Training Online

      A convenient and accessible training course for busy professionals

        Professional Development

        $150 AUD

        1 Year Access
        inc GST

        The perfect companion for any professional working with clients who may have an unhealthy relationship with gaming.
        Includes :
        • 7 Modules to explore healthy and problematic gaming, and the motivations to play
        • Complex case tool
        • Activity Matrix tool for families
        • Care Plan tool for families
        • Approximately 2-3 hours of CPD points

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        Connect with GameAware Trained Mental Health Professionals 

          • Professional Testimonial 

            "Attended the GameAware PD recently and found this very helpful in working with many families where device use and gaming have become problematic, causing conflict and impact on general functioning. This training gave me further insight into the reality that exists for gamers with all of the pros and cons. I love the structure of the program from the gamer buy-in to being able to regulate their own use and see the benefits of reflecting on and changing their habits if this has become intrusive in their lives and with their relationships. I found the information was factual, objective and evidence based. The program itself appears to be a solid structure to assist with behavioural change. I'm looking forward to commencing this process with a young man with Autism Spectrum Disorder very soon. Would certainly recommend others taking advantage of this training opportunity."

            Family Worker

          • Professional Testimonial 

            "Josh was an excellent presenter and host throughout the entire workshop. His knowledge of gaming and gambling is suburb and I felt completely trusting of all of the information and discussion points provided. Furthermore, Josh presents and communicates with the utmost professionalism whilst maintaining a fresh and interesting vibe. Highly recommended."