School Partnerships

Building a healthy gaming culture in your school by bridging the gap between parents, students and teachers.

Parents. Students. Teachers. Esports.

Building healthy relationships with gaming for your whole school community

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Parent Partnership


1 Year Access. ex GST
  • Parent evening presentation
  • Online short course for parents with tools and insights for healthy gaming
  • Social Gaming Club Starter Kit

Esports School Partnership


+ $12 per family. ex GST
1 Year Access


    Total ($):

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    Presentations and Online Courses

    GameAware has online courses and presentations for parents, students, teachers. You can build your own package, or bring it all together in a school partnership between GameAware and your whole school community.


    • Supporting parents with insights that improve family dynamics when gaming is a point of tension.
    • Providing insight into the motivation behind why gamers love to play and what healthy gaming can look like.
    • Understanding the mechanics of game design and how they can positively or negatively affect individual gamers.
    • The parent toolkit includes the tools and strategies to help build more self-regulation... with training wheels, because they come from a gamer's perspective as well as a parent's.


    • Breaking down student drivers to play video games, and whether that drive is healthy or unhealthy.
    • Intelligent gaming strategies that show the benefits of applying performance psychology to your gaming sessions
    • Exploring how overplaying games is detrimental to the enjoyment of your gaming experience
    • Discussion around different game design mechanics, including loot boxes and related compulsive behaviours

    Staff Professional Development

    • Understanding student motivations to play excessively such as needs fulfillment or coping strategies.
    • Understand the impact of game design on students
    • Discuss red flags for student wellbeing that some gamers display
    • Working with Wellbeing Coordinators for family referrals
    • Exploring the benefits of social gaming clubs and representing your school in scholastic Esports leagues.

     Scholastic Esports Hub 

    • Let us help you start a school gaming club for wellbeing benefits, but also for an esports division
    • Explore the value of off-screen training for on-screen performance
    • Prevent burnout and problematic gaming
    • Give Esports the opportunity to help students grow just as traditional sports can
    Scholastic Esports Hub

     Demystifying Esports for Parents and Schools

    We need to better understand how to maximize the benefits of esports and minimize the harms of excessive play