School Workshops

Building a Healthy Gaming Culture in Your School

Presentations and workshops for parents, students and teachers. Let’s get everyone on the same page.   Includes complimentary parent and student surveys to put your finger on the pulse of your community.

Parent Presentations

  • Bridging the knowledge gap that drives disconnection between parents and their kids.
  • Supporting parents with strategies that improve family dynamics when gaming is a point of tension.
  • Understanding the core motivational needs we all have, and how games serve those needs and how they don’t.
  • Providing insight into why gamers love to play and what healthy gaming can look like.
  • Understanding the mechanics of game design that centre around engagement or compulsion

Staff PD

  • Understanding the motivations to play excessively such as needs fulfillment or coping strategies.
  • Understand the impact of game design comparing engagement and compulsion 
  • Discuss red flags for student wellbeing that some gamers display  
  • Liasing with Wellbeing Coordinators with student referrals to GameAware group programs
  • Understand the value of high school esports and social gaming when structured and inclusive.

Student Presentations

  • Engaging students to help develop self awareness 
  • Understanding the drive to play video games
  • Understanding the state of Esports and Streaming entertainment.
  • Intelligent gaming strategies that show the benefits of applying performance psychology to your gaming sessions
  • Exploring how overplaying games is detrimental to the enjoyment of your gaming experience
  • Discussion around loot boxes and related compulsive behaviours

Healthy Gaming Consultation

  • Consultations on how to set up a healthy social gaming club with optional participation in high school esports leagues.
    • Provide an opportunity to socialise and compete in a safe and inclusive space.
    • Materials to support students who are passionate gamers – teaching how to manage their time and practice to fit with the rest of life.
    • Polls and surveys to help with the logistics involved in setting up a student-led/teacher guided program that almost runs itself.

    For presentations, webinar bookings, student referrals to group programs or any general questions, contact us directly:


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