School Workshops

Building a Healthy Gaming Culture in Your School. Let's bridge the gap and get everyone on the same page.


 Packages available for 3 or more sessions

Parent Presentations

  • Supporting parents with strategies that improve family dynamics when gaming is a point of tension.
  • Providing insight into why gamers love to play and what healthy gaming can look like.
  • Understanding the mechanics of game design that centre around engagement or compulsion
  • Webinars require no organisation on the school's behalf and remain available online for one month for parents who missed out.

Student Presentations

  • Understanding the drive to play video games
  • Understanding the state of Esports and Streaming entertainment.
  • Intelligent gaming strategies that show the benefits of applying performance psychology to your gaming sessions
  • Exploring how overplaying games is detrimental to the enjoyment of your gaming experience
  • Discussion around loot boxes and related compulsive behaviours

Staff PD

  • Understanding student motivations to play excessively such as needs fulfillment or coping strategies.
  • Understand the impact of game design on students
  • Discuss red flags for student wellbeing that some gamers display
  • Liasing with Wellbeing Coordinators with student referrals to GameAware group programs
  • Exploring the benefits of social gaming clubs and representing your school in scholastic Esports leagues.

Build a school gaming club that's inclusive, competitive, and engaged... for FREE.

  • A student led club to increase student wellbeing, connectedness and engagement
  • A safe, social space for students with social anxieties and neurodiversity
  • Student and IT polls to customize the setup process for your school
  • Resources for parents, teachers and students around best practice for healthy gaming
  • Register for META High School Esports national competition

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