Our School Vision

  • Build healthier relationships with gaming at school and at home
  • Level up student resilience and self regulation with classroom resources and live presentations linked to the Australian curriculum
  • FREE Gaming club and esports program resources
  • Designed by a secondary teacher of PE, health & student wellbeing

Parents. Students. Teachers. Esports.

Step 1:  Presentation for your school starting at $795
Step 2: We can support your whole school community with short form video courses and packages starting at $1250

Online Short Courses

4 courses in total: parents, students, teachers and esports mental performance.

FREE preview of the STUDENT course
FREE preview of the PARENT Course
Book here when readyPricing adjusted for school size

Live Presentations

Face to face and Webinar formats.

Core topics: motivation, game design, escapism, intentional play, managing dopamine levels + strategies to build a healthier relationship with gaming.

  • Parent Presentations: focus on how to become a teammate instead of an opponent by exploring the nuances in their child's passion.
  • Student Presentations: focus on why a gamer wouldn't want to overplay the benefits that gaming can provide and how to min/max their gameplay to enjoy high quality sessions.
  • Staff Presentations: focus on flagging and supporting students who might be at risk of developing gaming disorder, or the students that are ready to compete in esports at a higher level. Problematic and passionate gaming look very similar.

  • School Testimonial 

    "Josh and his GameAware presentation to our parent community was outstanding. As an advocate for gamers but also understanding the concerns of parents, he was able to provide real, accessible and practical knowledge to his adult audience that will enhance their own parenting skills and ability to converse with their children about this often contentious topic. I would thoroughly endorse GameAware visiting all schools to share in this most valuable learning experience."

    Kirk Grinham (Deputy Principal) Sydney Technical High School School

Schools we've worked with

 Scholastic Esports Hub 

  • Let us help you start a school gaming club for wellbeing benefits, but also for an esports division
  • Explore the value of off-screen training for on-screen performance
  • Prevent burnout and problematic gaming
  • Give Esports the opportunity to help students grow just as traditional sports can
Scholastic Esports Hub

 Demystifying Esports for Parents and Schools

We need to better understand how to maximize the benefits of esports and minimize the harms of excessive play