The Junior Online Resource

Prevent problematic gaming by setting good habits young

A 6 week DIY program including: video tutorials, 10 strategies and a lot more.

About an hour a week is all it takes to set healthy gaming habits with your young gamer. Intelligent gaming strategies allows gamers the ability to enjoy their games and improve their skill without all the negatives that come with overoplaying.

  • 6 week format to teach "self-regulation with training wheels" to your child.
  • Weekly videos to walk you through each week
  • Parent Webinar with valuable insights to deeply understand the nuanced world of video games.
  • Includes a sustainable gaming contract and activity matrix, designed to help our gamer find more fulfilment in real life.
  • This resource is ideal for families where our gamer is young enough that they are still happy to follow your lead.

Your time and energy are precious. 

Prevention is easier than mangement. 

Only $150

Buy the 6 week online resource for $150
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