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A 6 week program with video tutorials, 10 strategies and a lot more for just $99.95 

About an hour a week is all it takes to wrap your head around the complexities of why gamers can take their hobby to excess.  Intelligent gaming affords gamers the ability to enjoy their games and improve their skill without overplaying, getting frustrated and getting bored. The goal is to expand horizons, but keep video games as the icing on the cake.

This online resource comes in the format of a 6 week program that you and your family can complete at your own pace. This resource is ideal for families where our gamer is young enough that they are still happy to follow your lead. Alternatively, if communication at home is very challenging, you can check out our group programs to have a facilitator take your family through our approach in select states.  

Your time and energy are precious. Preventing problematic gaming is always easier than managing a problem that exists. 

  • Engaging for both gamers and parents

    It’s really hard to sell the idea of less gaming to gamers. Being a gamer myself, I know how to keep the final goal something a gamer would agree is still fun, and I’ll give you a clear path to get there.

  • A step by step guide to reduce the gaming and increase wellbeing at your own pace

    An online resource with a step by step process to less arguments, less stress, less game related conflict in your home. Weekly videos and engaging content will guide you through to your goal.

  • A variety of approaches to learn how to game intelligently.

    If you want support from a facilitator, consider a group program which includes the online resource for you to keep.

  • An online community of support

    The website forum is designed to bring people together who are struggling with similar stories. It will be a valuable resource for finding new activities and getting answers to your questions.

  • Optional 1on1 Consultations

    If you need a kickstart to get the ball rolling try a private consultation to help you along with your 6 week program.

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