The Junior Online Resource

Prevent problematic gaming by setting good habits young

A 6 week DIY program including: video tutorials, 10 strategies and a lot more.

About an hour a week is all it takes to wrap your head around the complexities of why gamers can take their hobby to excess.  Intelligent gaming affords gamers the ability to enjoy their games and improve their skill without overplaying, getting frustrated and getting bored. The goal is to expand horizons, but keep video games as the icing on the cake.

This online resource comes in the format of a 6 week program that you and your family can complete at your own pace. This resource is ideal for families where our gamer is young enough that they are still happy to follow your lead. Alternatively, if communication at home is very challenging, you can check out our group programs if you live near Australia, to have a facilitator take your family through our approach.

“We used the online resource 5 months ago when our 8-year old son was struggling to find enjoyment in other activities aside from Roblox. The program helped us better understand what was happening, and identify new activities to engage him. We worked with him to taper his game hours, to the point where he was able to stop playing completely, even though the goal was just to play in a healthy way. Our son is now a much happier child and we’re doing so much better as a family. I highly recommend the GameAware resource for any families who are looking to help their gaming-obsessed kids.”
-Toronto, Canada

Your time and energy are precious. Preventing problematic gaming is always easier than managing a problem that exists.

Only $150