Gamers helping Gamers.

Whether you play to compete or just to have fun, remember that quality beats quantity.


Conflict at home around gaming? We can help your parents understand gaming and what you get from playing.


Intelligent Gaming

Whether you’re casual or competitive, learn how to min-max.  Minimize frustration, burnout and “off days”.     Maximize performance, skill and most importantly, enjoyment.

Esports Performance Coaching

Performance is a skill. Play the mental game.

Competition starts with skill, but performance is about the mental toughness and focus. 
Take your team to the next level. Learn how perform your best in gaming and in life.


Education for the family

This playlist focuses on gaming culture, psychology, and understanding yourself. Explore some of these with loved ones who don’t understand gaming.


These videos are just here to provide some evidence that we play games too. It takes one to know one.  #notsopro

Our Mobile LAN Party

For social gaming, it doesn’t get any better than playing on LAN.  Sitting next to your mates and playing the same game together easily surpasses the excitement and fun you get from playing together online.  Go out of your way to play in the same room.

If you are local to Melbourne, you can book a Mobile LAN Party through GameAware.

We will come to you.

Check out the Mobile LAN and games list