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Mental health professionals, support workers and teachers who better understand the culture and psychology of gaming are better equipped to help gamers who need help developing life balance and resilience.
This recorded webinar series explores the nuance of gaming culture, including the rise of Esports, escapism, design, motivation, and how to help gamers fulfil their needs better in real life.

1 - The Culture and Psychology of Gaming

  • Understanding the motivations of gamers and their culture allows for more relatability, removing barriers that stand in the way of helping gamers finding balance.

2 - The Blurry Line Between Passion and Compulsion

  • Understanding the mechanics used to make some video games compulsive and what drives problematic gaming is essential to educating clients about their chosen hobby.

3 -Building a Healthy Gaming Culture in Your School(coming soon)

  • Understanding students who play games excessively and the consequences, flagging students who use gaming as a coping tool, taking control of the narrative as a school,  and demystifying Esports.
Cost per session:  $95
Access to webinars available for 30 days.

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