The Sunday Project Talks Esports With Andrew

During the World Cup of Fortnite in July 2019, The Sunday Project invited me on for my thoughts on the mixed messages parents are getting about supporting their kids with their Esports passion to become a professional. Doing this is similar to supporting kids with a passion to become a professional athlete, but with Esports, parents feel conflicted because they are also getting a lot of media information about how gaming disorder is a real danger for gamers who play excessively and have some real world challenges going on.  As always, it's not a simple answer. This short clip is my contribution to the beginning of an important conversation for Esports at the grass roots level all the way up to the pros if we want this career path to be sustainable for its competitors. Otherwise, we will see millions of gamers tragically waste their opportunities for a stable life in a blind free for all to become a pro, along with the risk of burning out quickly once you get to the top. We can start the conversation by acknowledging the benefit of having a safe pathway to pro so that gamers know where they stand as they progress through a structure similar to some of our favourite traditional sports, and get a realistic sense of what is required to make a job out of a hobby.