Professional Development May 9th 2019

“From habit to hobby”

GameAware is hosting a professional development workshop with the aim of empowering mental health professionals with the tools to help clients who are gaming excessively or at risk of a Gaming Disorder. The group programs that have been so successful with gamers and their families have worked either as a prevention or an intervention strategy. Anecdotal results from the past 4 years of holiday programs with the support of Headspace have shown significantly positive results and the PD will share de-identified data.
For: Mental health professionals interested in helping young people who struggle with excessive gaming or gaming disorder.
Date: May 9th, 2019
Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm
Cost: $350
Location: Highett Neighbourhood Community House – 2 Livingston St, Highett, 3190
  • Insight into the culture and psychology of video games and motivation
  • Sharing results on 3 years of holiday programs that have had a significant amount of success
  • A hands on gaming experience
  • Access to a 6 week online resource and discount codes to help with struggling clients
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Venue: Highett Neighbourhood Community House, 2 Livingston St, Highett


      "Attended the GameAware PD recently and found this very helpful in working with many families where device use and gaming have become problematic, causing conflict and impact on general functioning. This training gave me further insight into the reality that exists for gamers with all of the pros and cons. I love the structure of the program from the gamer buy-in to being able to regulate their own use and see the benefits of reflecting on and changing their habits if this has become intrusive in their lives and with their relationships. I found the information was factual, objective and evidence based. The program itself appears to be a solid structure to assist with behavioural change. I'm looking forward to commencing this process with a young man with Autism Spectrum Disorder very soon. Would certainly recommend others taking advantage of this training opportunity." - Family Worker


    "Great PD! I feel far more able to work with students who overindulge in gaming and feel confident that I now have an excellent tool to use with parents. A lot was covered, but it was so interesting and enjoyable. The program uses an excellent system for helping families encountering problems with gaming. Fantastic!"

    - Psychologist