SBS Insight Feature – “Game On”

Feature Article – Overcoming a Gaming Addiction SBS Insight – On Demand – Ep26 “Game On”

ABC RN Interviews

I was excited for the opportunity to jump on these ABC Radio National Programs to discuss intelligent gaming and a little about what GameAware programs are like. Check out the links below. Evenings: Interview with Christine Anu Night Life: Sarah MacDonald / Unplugged Psychologist (25min mark) Check Out The Group Programs

Turn your child’s gaming habit back into a hobby –

Turn your child’s gaming habit back into a hobby

Helping Gamers Hit The Sweet Spot: Sometimes It Takes One To Know One

Read About SBS Insight’s episode called “Game On” at

Parachuute Blog – Maggie Scott

Why I want my son to keep going with his gaming!

Psychology Today Repost

Kids’ Video Game Obsession Isn’t Really About Video Games

Video Games: Psychological Boost – The Geek Spot

Geek Spot does a small write up on GameAware and Nir Eyal.   Geek Spot blog  

Interview With Vanilla Magazine

I recently had a chat with Vanilla Magazine’s Alexis McLaren about video games and what GameAware is all about. Read Vanilla Magazine’s Interview with GameAware

Caulfield Leader Article

Herald Sun / Moorabbin Kingston Leader Article