Module 6 - The Parent Toolkit

Last activity on April 17, 2024

The Parent Toolkit

Welcome to the Parent Toolkit

This resource has been designed to empower you to set healthy gaming habits with your kids, and that’s always easier as early intervention and prevention. It is also a great support if you decide to work with our team to reset the balance.

Overcoming Resistance

You might run into a child that resists working with you on this solution. We always suggest that you give your child a chance to vet GameAware, because their resistance is completely understandable. They will assume that we don’t play or don’t understand the nuance of their world.

Clearly this is not true and once they do realise this, it becomes much easier to build rapport. Please take them through the link below so they can get a sense of who we are at GameAware.

If it’s already gotten out of hand

It’s quite possible that you’ve reached a stage where it will be difficult to get your child to engage in these strategies without our help. That’s when we recommend you contact us for a free consultation and we can put together a plan.

GameAware mentors are trained to work with gamers to help them find ways to feel more fulfilled in real life, and min/max their gaming.

Manage or prevent problematic gaming with 1on1 mentoring or group programs

  • Building connection between parents and children around their passion
  • Educate about what overplaying does for health AND in-game performance
  • Teach how to play intelligently and socially.
  • Create a perspective shift to see the big picture
  • Set values-based goals to feel more fulfilled.
  • Gamers need to deeply understand what parents and professionals are worried about, as well as what buckets they are trying to fill with gaming.
  • Parents and professionals need to deeply understand the games being played and the complex mix of motivations that exist to play them.
  • Balance comes with perspective.
  • We want to build self-regulation with training wheels.
  • Help parents decide when to shift from manager to consultant

Where is help available?

For families in Australia/NZ (for the time being), we can offer group programs during the hours that make the most sense.

1on1 mentoring is done online, and can be done internationally as long as the time difference is workable for both the family as well as the mentor. Soon we will have mentors overseas as well to help aleviate this issue.

We hope you continue to enjoy the parent resource as a source of insight, strategies and tools to help navigate this issue at home.

We are always here to help!

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