Module 2 - Motivation

Last activity on April 9, 2024

The CARED Model

Self Determination Theory – Your 3 Buckets

These are 3 of our intrinsic core drivers

C – Competence

The need for improvement, growth and mastery over skills 

A – Autonomy

The need for self direction, and control over your choices

R – Relatedness

The need for community, belonging and connection to others 

E – Escape

When gaming becomes a coping tool to escape from the stress of real life, gamers may believe that it becomes the solution to their problem, but it’s only a distraction that can become a new problem. Consistent escape is the motivation that contains the most risk factors.

D – Design

Design mechanics of the game that focus on extrinsic motivators and can influence some gamers to engage compulsively. We often see gamers who are fixated on their game progress or rewards, and this can keep them engaged in a bit of a loop. This use of game mechanics raises interesting conversations around ethics in design.

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