Module 6 - The Parent Toolkit

Last activity on April 9, 2024

Strategy 1 – The 10 Day Challenge

The 10 Day Challenge

The 10 Day Challenge is designed to address the statement:
“I could stop if I wanted to but I just don’t want to”

A gaming-specific “dopamine fast” to kickstart the process

By challenging our gamer, we get valuable information whether they succeed or fail. Once a gamer begins the gaming fast, we find that it either gets easier after 3 days, making the process much easier, or they continue to struggle, which sometimes exposes the primary driver to be escapism. A dopamine fast may help to improve motivation, enjoyment, performance and general mood.

How to begin the challenge

Step 1

Completely stop any video game play, whether it’s on the computer, the console, the iPad or phone or any other platform or device.

Step 2

Screens are allowed during this time, just not for gaming related activities.

Step 3

Do not watch any competitive gaming or streaming or any game related video during the 10 days. (No Twitch, and no YouTubers

Step 4

Allow your child to succeed or fail the challenge without interfering. They can start again fresh the next day. If a parent helps this challenge by actively preventing access to games or youtube, it won’t work. It must be completely voluntary to have the desired effect. Taking away the games or switching off the WiFi is a form of parent regulation. One of our goals is to help develop self regulation… with training wheels. If you want to help them, then work on “Strategy 2: Fill the buckets” during this time.

Step 5

To help your child stay motivated, start the challenge on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so that they only have to give up one weekend in their challenge instead of two. However, if they’ve begun the challenge and failed, they need to start it again immediately.

Step 6

It’s important to note that going away for a few days where the computer is not accessible is not a challenge. There is no element of choice or temptation in those situations. For this challenge to be authentic, the gamer needs to have access to the games but choose not to play.

Step 7

Pay attention to how our gamer feels when doing the digital detox and write it down.
Are they anxious? Bored? Sad? Irritable? How did they use all the free time?

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