1on1 Mentoring

1on1 mentoring helps gamers find a healthier relationship with gaming

The biggest barrier to helping a gamer play more intelligently is that they don't want to engage with people who don't truely understand their passion. Our mentors share that same passion. 

Mentoring sessions allow us to be able to work 1on1 with a gamer to optimize their time so that they become more engaged in their real life. By using elements of Motivational Interviewing techniques, and hopping into a game whenever possible, we break down how video games have become such an important part of their lives, and whether or not that is helping them meet larger, more important needs.

Mentoring is the best way to get buy-in to the idea of changing their habits, and fighting less about gaming at home. 
 A Session Includes:
    • 60min sessions
    • A boost to self-knowledge
    • A boost to life perspective and resilience
    • Goal setting and intelligent gaming strategies
    • Insight into our gamer's core mental health and how to access help if needed
    • A debrief with gamer's psychologist if consent is given for consultation
    1on1 consultations with parents are also available.
    $100 for individual sessions
    $475 for a package of 5 sessions
    Typically suitable for any age
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