Weekend Program March 2-3 2019

“From habit to hobby”

The Weekend Program is designed to encourage responsible gaming behaviours through self-regulation. Increasing social connectedness with other hobbies and self-awareness are some of the ways the program aims to reduce the impact of excessive gaming on well-being. On the other hand, this program is also designed to help gamers enjoy and improve their gaming sessions as they trade quantity for quality.  Being game-aware means you know how to revolve gaming around your life instead of your life around gaming. It’s not uncommon for gamers actually enjoy their gameplay more than they did when they weren’t self-regulating.

Venue:     2 Livingston Street, Highett, VIC, 3190
Dates:     March 2-3, 9:30am to 4:30pm
Cost:   $350
  • A Social Gaming Experience – a LAN party
  • A Virtual Reality Experience
  • An Online resource for families to use after the program is over
  • 2 family follow up sessions to support the ongoing process.

The program requires participation of both the young gamer and their parent/carer. The parents will have a short part in the weekend program in the afternoons. The webinar family group sessions will allow us to continue this after the fact and workshop your new contracts that aim to reframe the role of gaming to high quality, low quantity experiences. Parents will play an important role in this process and will receive the GameAware Families online resource to follow along, as we put in place the strategies that will help create meaningful change.

Family Follow Up Sessions:

Tuesday March 12 6pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday April 30 6pm-7:30pm

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