Parenting Young Gamers Workshops

PYG – Parenting Young Gamers

This workshop is designed to empower parents to manage excessive gaming of their young ones, or prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place. The aim of this program is to set good habit habits early, and help families navigate what could be a bumpy road. It includes an initial 3 hour workshop including a hands on gaming experience. There is an additional followup workshop at the end of the 6 weeks. Parents will learn how to use the GameAware 6 week online resource to either manage an existing problem with gaming or prevent it from happening in the first place.  Workshops will give families the chance to discuss their circumstances and ask questions.

Format options:
  • Face to face group program with parents and kids. 2 hour workshop + 2 hour followup workshop
  • Webinar format with a 90min workshop and a 90min followup workshop. 
  • This format will not include a hands on gaming session, and is  less expensive at $225.
Activity options:
  • Parents and kids engage in a social gaming experience on LAN(Local Area Network)
Families receive:
  • A workshop with their children to bridge the communication gap around gaming at home
  • Permanent membership access to the online resource to guide families to hitting the gaming sweet spot
  • Insight into our gamer’s core mental health and resilience and how to access further help if needed
Cost:  $250
Most suitable for parents of 5-13yr olds.  Feel free to contact us to see if it’s a good fit.

Online Webinar: TBD

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