Group programs to help the whole family get on the same page.

GameAware Programs are designed to empower families to re-frame how video games are enjoyed by teaching sustainable, intelligent gaming strategies.

All group programs include full membership access to the online resource

Holiday Programs

  • 4 full days + 5 evening sessions including a parent info evening
  • Morning sessions are educational
  • Afternoons include engaging online and offline activities 
  • The full GameAware experience
Suitable for gamers aged 12-18. MINIMUM 6 AND MAXIMUM 12 PER GROUP SO BE QUICK TO REGISTER!

Weekend Programs

  • 2 days + 2 evenings sessions
  • More accessible than holiday programs
  • Virtual Reality and a LAN Party included
  • Parents attend the afternoons
Suitable for gamers aged 10-18. MINIMUM 5 AND MAXIMUM 12 PER GROUP SO BE QUICK TO REGISTER!
Register for the Young Adult Weekend Program pilot here

Parenting Young Gamers

  • For families of gamers ages 5-13
  • Available face to face or as a webinar
  • Preventative approach setting good gaming habits
  • Flexible times evenings and weekends
Most suitable for parents of 5-13yr olds. There is no minimum number to run a PYG workshop.

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