Group programs to help the whole family get on the same page.

GameAware Programs are designed to empower families to re-frame how video games are enjoyed by teaching sustainable, intelligent gaming strategies.

All group programs include access to the 6 week online resource.

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Holiday Programs – $495

The most intensive option is a 4 day immersion program working directly with gamers which includes education during the mornings followed by afternoon activities that any teenager would be excited for. 

Families receive:
  • 4 days of immersion
  • 5 evening workshops
  • permanent access to the online resource
  • insight into our gamer’s core mental health and resilience and how to access help if needed
Possible activities:
  • Boxing
  • Laser Tag
  • Escape Room
  • Rock Climbing
  • Social Gaming on LAN(Local Area Network)
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
Keep an eye out for programs that are sponsored by headspace when funding becomes available.
Suitable for gamers aged 12-18. MINIMUM 6 AND MAXIMUM 12 PER GROUP SO BE QUICK TO REGISTER!

Weekend Programs – $295

The intensive weekend program is designed to happen in between holiday programs for a convenient alternative to the holiday program. It is less intensive but will cover the same content. The family followup sesions are where we work on getting everyone on the same page. The program includes 2 followup sessions to check in and see how things are going. All families receive permanent access to the online resource. Weekend programs should be available once a term.

Suitable for gamers aged 10-18. MINIMUM 6 AND MAXIMUM 12 PER GROUP SO BE QUICK TO REGISTER!

Parenting Young Gamers Webinars- $295

This program is designed to empower parents to manage excessive gaming of their young ones, or prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place. This program includes 6 x 75min sessions, once a week from the comfort of your own home.

Participants will receive permanent access to the 6 week online resource while workshopping, discussing and asking questions specific to their circumstance.  If you would prefer this format in a face to face program please contact Andrew below.

Most suitable for parents of 5-13yr olds.

Custom Programs

If you are an organisation who would like a GameAware program customized to your needs, we can develop an effective program that fits into your schedule. Contact us for a consultation.

Program sign up form

So we can be prepared for any eventuality, and to understand the needs and limitations of everyone taking part, please indicate whether the participant has ever experienced any of the following. The information you provide here will remain confidential.

Asthma (If YES date of last episode):
Heart problems:
High blood pressure:
Allergies (If YES, please state):
Mental health issues:
Recent illness/injury (If YES, please state):
Any physical disability (If YES, please state):
Any intellectual disability:
Dietary requirements (If YES, please state):

Does the participant require any medication? (If YES, please state what medication and the dose required):
Does the participant require assistance to administer medication:

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