Private Consultations

1on1 Help For Gamers And Their Families

Sometimes it’s tough to get started with a group program for one reason or another. Private consultations allow us to be able to work 1on1 with a gamer using elements of Motivational Interviewing Techniques. The goal is to help gamers understand themselves better, and how playing games might be more than just “for fun”.

In a session, we talk about their assumptions and their motivations, and find a way forward to meet those needs best. 1on1 consultations are not designed to replace any talk therapies with a psychologist or counsellor, rather they are complementary. Private consults often help to break down barriers to engaging with joining group programs or engaging with supports. They are also a great way to do additional followups if needed.

Private sessions are also perfect for additional followups after a group program to make sure your family is on track and to problem solve any barriers you’ve come across.

    • 60-90min session
    • Excellent for goal setting with young adults who need a nudge 
    • Chat happens online over Discord (popular chatting app used by gamers)
    • Debrief with parents if appropriate
    • Debrief with gamer’s psychologist if consent is given for consultation
    • Insight into our gamer’s core mental health and resilience and how to access help if needed
    Cost:  $100
    Typically suitable for gamers aged 12+,  and ideal for young adults

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