Professional Development and
Public Speaking

Psychologists, Teachers, Parents…
Let’s talk about video games.

Whether it’s video games or screen time, GameAware presentations offer insight and a way forward.

  • Professional Development

    Psychologists, teachers and parents who better understand gaming mechanics and culture are better equipped to help gamers who need help developing life balance and resilience. Learn where the lines begin to blur between hobby and compulsion. Explore the many sides of gaming culture and why games are so appealing, or learn how to help gamers re-frame their gaming into a healthy hobby using the GameAware key strategies. PD’s are available in person or in webinar format.

  • Parent Information Evenings

    Whether you are a school with parents seeking help, or a corporation with employees who are stressed out by this common family struggle, GameAware parent info evenings are enlightening and will redefine how we talk about video games. Presentations will also include some handy tips around general screen overuse. Info sessions include a survey to gather data from the audience.

  • School Talks

    Presentations to students promote intelligent gaming strategies and social gaming. Gamers don’t want to lose progress or skill if they are going to cut back on their gaming time. Intelligent gaming can help them keep their skills up, and enjoy their games even more than if they were to play every day. Students will find the presentation engaging and easy to relate to as I play video games as well. Suitable for any year level, especially preparation for VCE or tertiary education.

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