Welcome all Gamers

From your perspective, GameAware means knowing more about why you play video games, and how to get the very best out of your sessions. Whether you play to compete or just to have fun, remember:

quality trumps quantity.

Intelligent Gaming Guide

Part 1 is all about justifying why you’d want to game intelligently. It does the groundwork so that you understand that there is a negative side to overplaying your games that gets in the way of your actual gaming goals. On the flip side, you can get good without overplaying, and actually have more fun.

Read “Intelligent Gaming” Part 1

Part 2 describes how to game intelligently. It’s all about how to hit the gaming sweet spot so that you get the best experience you can by having fun, getting in the zone and seeing your skills grow. Learn the best way to use your gaming time and the benefits will become obvious. Try it out!

Read “Intelligent Gaming” Part 2

YouTube Playlists


This is a playlist with videos that I’ve collected to educate gamers and parents about all aspects of gaming. It’s interesting stuff. Have a look for yourself.


Some clips of me playing.  Why? Just so that you know I’m a gamer too. If I wasn’t, why would you care about my thoughts on video games? Enjoy.

Social Gaming

Social gaming is probably one of the highest quality gaming experiences you can have. Sitting next to your mates and playing the same game together trumps the excitement and fun you get from playing together online. It’s well worth your time to try and arrange social gaming experiences. Go out of your way because it’s fully worth it.

If you are local to Melbourne, check out the Game Cave at the Highett Neighbourhood Community House. Game Cave has a room of networked PC’s and we play a mix of old school and new school games. We haven’t forgotten about console players either with our new projector set up and bean bags. Come frag your friends with zero ping.

Scroll to the bottom for the online sign up to Game Cave.