Handle gaming addictions in-house with a tailor made GameAware program

A “GameAware School” understands the effect that excessive gaming has on academics and wellbeing, and effectively works in partnership with concerned parents who are struggling with a game addiction at home.

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    A community based approach to reduce excessive gaming

    Burn the candle from both ends as parents and schools work together to provide the consistency in support that students need to make the change.

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    Professional development

    Learn where the lines begin to blur between hobby and addiction. Explore the many sides of this alternative culture and why games are so appealing to your students. With a better understanding, your school can begin to support students who game excessively so they can thrive academically, socially and personally.

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    Parent nights

    Andrew will speak to your parent community about strategies to reduce excessive gaming and discuss where the lines blur between gaming as a hobby and gaming as an addiction.

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    Engaging for gamers

    It’s really hard to sell the idea of less gaming to gamers. The program addresses the nuance in gaming culture and suggests ways to reframe the way they game to make it more fun while making room for the rest of what life offers.

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    An online community of support

    The website forum is designed to bring people together who are struggling with similar stories. It will be a valuable resource for finding new activities and getting answers to your questions.

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    A holistic approach to addiction

    Don’t just reduce the compulsion to game. This is a holistic wellbeing resource with strategies to build resilience, self awareness and self-regulation. Connect your students back to their school community, and increase the time they spend on academic progress.

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