Andrew Kinch – GameAware Founder

I’ve been a high school Health and PE teacher for over 12 years, but the best part of my job is that I get to be the student wellbeing coordinator. Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of on the job training in wellbeing and mental health as well as many, many hours of reading and researching on my own, which has made me a competent counselor. I’ve also had some valuable experience working with troubled young people in alternative education as well as in an addiction rehabilitation centre.

With over 25 years experience playing different video games, I’m your guy when it comes to valuable insights that are specific to gaming excessively. I love games. I think that some of them are so creative in their story telling and the technology involved is amazing. That being said, I’ve stepped over the line in the past and games took up way too much of my time. I was certainly a candidate for my future self’s program. Put it all together, and that’s why I’m going to know exactly what our gamer is going through, and how to get to the other side. The goal is to achieve a win-win scenario around gaming within your family dynamic and GameAware has what it takes to help that happen.

I approach game “addictions” with experience based strategies and current information on the psychology of games. The program’s goal is to improve mental health as much as it is designed to reduce excessive gaming, and it’s as much about educating parents as it is the gamers.

The language in the GameAware Families program is aimed at parents who are struggling with children playing video games compulsively. That being said, the resource is still very applicable to a gamer of any age who is interested in modifying his or her own behaviours to develop more impulse control and self regulation.

So, are you having trouble with video games?

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